The council has successfully secured funding from the local growth fund which will be allocated to the development and construction of the Congleton Link Road Scheme. Additional funding is expected to be secured from a number of developers.

The scheme is anticipated to cost in circa £90million.

Additional information

The traffic forecasting report – January 2016 (PDF, 8MB) outlines the expected traffic flow around and within Congleton and on the surrounding highway network, showing the results with and without the proposed Congleton link road scheme. The report shows the results and the treatment of uncertainty and sensitivity testing. It has been prepared in accordance with the Department for Transport’s (DfT) transport analysis guidance (TAG) this gives practical guidance for forecasting the impact of transport projects including option testing and appraisal.

The report finds that 12 month traffic flows show an accurate estimate of the traffic flows likely to occur on the Congleton link road scheme and on the surrounding network.

Potential extensions to the Congleton link road

The technical note – January 2016 (PDF, 2MB) presents the findings of the work undertaken to examine the two potential alternative end points for the proposed Congleton link road scheme.

The two potential extensions which have been investigated are the:

  • A534 to A34 (to the south west of Congleton)
  • A536 to A54 (to the north east of Congleton)

The note concludes that based on the analysis undertaken, the two potential extensions to the proposed Congleton link road scheme are not, at the current time, considered necessary and consequently would not deliver value for money.

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