Congleton Link Road Mitigation Measures

Planning conditions

Planning conditions for the Congleton Link Road (CLR) specifies that mitigation measures must be implemented on Wallhill Lane, Padgbury Lane and A536 through Eaton before the link road is due to open to traffic late in 2020. The planning approval for Congleton Link Road contains the following condition:

Prior to the opening of Phase 1 of the Link Road hereby approved, details of traffic mitigation measures to discourage the use of Brownlow Heath Lane, Child’s Lane, Wallhill Lane, Padgbury Lane and the A536 through Eaton shall be the subject of consultation with the Ward Members, Parish Councils, and submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority.The approved measures shall then be fully implemented before the Link Road is opened.

The proposed measures for these locations aim to alleviate the predicated impacts from extra traffic, which is directly linked to safety, speed and noise.

A536 Eaton

The new link road will join the A536 just south of the village of Eaton. It is proposed that the mitigation measures should provide for better compliance with the posted speed limit at all locations.

The measures to be introduced will include an average speed camera, located as close to the limits of the 40mph section as practicable. This will provide an important incentive to motorists to maintain their travelling speeds at, or below, the posted speed limit. The Eaton section is the first phase of a wider road safety scheme to introduce average speed cameras long the length of the A536 between Congleton and Macclesfield to help improve and support road safety.

The Eaton village area is poorly defined on the A536 and measures will be introduced to give it a sense of place, support sustainable journeys and highlight the posted speed limit to encourage speed limit compliance.

The proposed measures include:

  • Gateway feature - While roadside space availability is limiting what can be implemented on the Northern side of the village on the Southern side the gateway feature will include decorative ‘verge gate’ and appropriate signing and lining.
  • Bus stops – These will be improved by the introduction of bus kerbing and hard standing and the ‘bus box’ marking refreshed.
  • Road Surfacing – Grip fibre surfacing will be included throughout the extents of the scheme following the necessary structural patching which is already scheduled to be undertaken. This patching will help reduce the noise vibration issue. As a result road markings will be updated and refreshed as necessary. This will give a visually improved finish to the area.
  • Average Speed Cameras – These will be deployed at both ends of the village extents on the A536. These are capable of detecting vehicles exceeding the speed limit even in the dark and are the first phase of a wider programme of Average Speed Cameras for the A536. These will improve safety and noise impacts of traffic from the link road scheme.
  • Dropped Crossing Point - An uncontrolled crossing point is being provided  close to the southbound bus stop
  • Path across the green – Provides access to the dropped crossing point and southbound bus stop
  • Sign Decluttering – extraneous and redundant signs will be removed and new signage included to provide clearer messaging for motorists.
  • Edge of carriageway – where there is no kerbing these will be ‘sided out’ to improve the definition of the road width. Edge of carriageway markings will be added where appropriate
  • Footways – the footway to the church will again be sided out to improve perception of the available footpath width. A dropped kerb will also be added at the access point to the ‘church footway’ to improve accessibility.
  • De-vegetation –overhanging hedges, trees, etc. will be cut back as necessary
  • See an illustrative drawing of the scheme (PDF, 543KB)

The measures to be implemented have been shaped and informed following consultation with the ward member and parish council.

The following table is an overview of the design changes in response to the feedback received.

Feedback of the consultation
FeedbackDesign response
Northern average speed camera be moved closer to the parish boundary. Unable to do so due to space availability and power supply availability
Average speed camera poles be green in colour Police confirm this post colour is acceptable but poles must include hi-vis yellow banding that can be easily seen by motorists
Wider entrance to Hilltop Farm to help reduce over running of the footway by agricultural vehicles Entrance widened and more robust kerbing included
‘School Children’ sign by pub is retained but relocated Noted and will be actioned
Improve the bus stop opposite Putty Row with hard standing if possible New flag poles included. No space available for other measures. Vegetation removal will assist
Patch repair the bus stop close to the Pub. Noted and will be actioned
Change the path across the green to a more direct route Route changed
Improve visibility splay from the Church village hall onto the A536 Vegetation removal will assist
Reduce speed limit to 30mph The A536 through Eaton does not comply with the Councils adopted Speed Management Strategy for a 30 mph road. The Average Speed Cameras will manage vehicle speed effectively and efficiently at 40mph

Wallhill Lane, Brownlow Heath Road and Childs Lane

It is proposed that the mitigation measures should provide for better compliance with the posted speed limit at all locations and encourage route choice away from the minor roads of Wallhill Lane, Brownlow Heath Road, Childs Lane and Padgbury Lane.

There is a pinch point in the ‘village centre’ of WallhIll Lane which is reported to be problematic with motorists not obeying the priority working in place creating vehicle conflicts and safety concerns. The mitigation measures will seek to improve this pinch point to bring about greater compliance with the existing priority working

However, there is a long standing desire by local residents of Wallhill Lane to see the road closed to through traffic. This will be considered should there be a significant increase in traffic once the Link road has opened to traffic, evidenced by before and after traffic flow data. This approach is to be included in the planning discharge documentation.

For Brownlow Heath Road pedestrian safety will be prioritised at bends which have poor forward visibility to encourage more sustainable journeys, by reducing road widths and thereby help reduce vehicle speeds.

At the Wallhill Lane / Brownlow Heath Road / crossroads on Childs Lane measures will focus on managing the approach speeds of traffic and improve road safety.

The consultation drawing and explanatory notes of the scheme can be viewed here:

The measures to be implemented have been shaped and informed following consultation with the ward member and parish council.

The following table is an overview of the design changes in response to the feedback received.

Feedback on the consultation
FeedbackDesign response
Request for signs to be located away from properties Signs will be located to avoid them being intrusive from properties where possible
Insufficient support for the ‘No right turn’ at the end of Wallhill Lane on to the A534 Right turn ban removed from the scheme
Query on speed limit and request for consistency along Wallhill Lane 40mph speed limit to be introduced throughout the scheme 
To clear the existing footpath from Ivy Cottages to the A34 on the left hand side of the carriageway Siding out of verges and footways included where appropriate and necessary 

Padgbury Lane, Congleton

Padgbury Lane is a relatively wide, straight road that had its speed limit reduced to 30 mph approximately 7 years ago. There is a long standing issue with non-compliance of the speed limit.

The road is part of the Abnormal Loads Route and the proposed measures have been designed to accommodate this traffic by using bollards which can be temporarily removed and using low or no kerbing where necessary. Additionally the proposed measures consider the future housing developments, which have planning permission,  along the road and do not interfere with the approved accesses.

The proposed measures include:

  • Junction realignment – These will provide 2 exit lanes into Newcastle Road and improve traffic flow by reducing cue at the junction
  • Mini-Roundabout – This will reduce speed of traffic coming from Newcastle Road
  • Chicanes – These again reduce the speed of the vehicle and will improve cyclist safety
  • Dropped Crossing Point  Uncontrolled crossings point are being provided   at all junctions of Padgbury Lane to support pedestrians and cyclists
  • Zebra Crossing  to help pedestrian crossing safely near Greenacres Road
  • VAS  2 Vehicle activating signs will be installed at the north end of Padgbury Lane to reduce the speed of the traffic

The work will start on 27 July and is scheduled to be completed by 6 September. A road closure will be in place for the duration of the scheme and traffic will be diverted through Newcastle Road and Sandbach Road.  Following completion on Padgbury Lane, works will then commence on Wallhill Lane in August to manage speeding traffic and improve road safety.

Consultation Measures
You saidWe did
Traffic calming measures are needed between the Sandbach Road traffic signals and Greenacres Road.

Provide a round 30mph vehicle activated sign in each direction and improve the road markings to create a ‘gateway’

See the plans

A pedestrian crossing is needed to help people cross the road.

A controlled crossing will be provided just south of the pub entrance

The mini roundabouts at Arnside and Ullswater Road won’t be effective.

Remove the roundabouts and build outs and replace with chicanes

Improvements are needed at the exit onto the A34.

The junction will be realigned to provide a 2 lane exit onto the A34

Timescales to implement the proposals

We are required to implement all mitigation measures before the new link road opens to traffic, which is currently expected to be late 2020.

Before work begins in Padgbury Lane:

  • signage will be put out in advance of the works starting, and Variable Message Signs (VMS) will be located at key points of the road network to advise members of the public
  • where road closures are necessary, diversion routes will be signed to assist in the movement of traffic while works progress
  • local businesses will remain open as usual
  • emergency vehicle access will be maintained at all times
  • all roadworks, closures and diversions associated with the project will be displayed on our roadworks map
  • during the works delays should be expected and motorists should plan journeys accordingly
  • we’ll use Twitter to keep you up to date. Follow us on @CECHighways

Further details of the project

Details of the mitigation measures for A536 Eaton and Wallhill Lane will be added when they are available.

Page last reviewed: 16 July 2020