Henbury Embankment, Macclesfield / Chelford

As part of our continual maintenance and improvement of the network, safety critical works have been identified on A537 to restore a collapsed embankment between Whirley Lane and Rough Heys Lane.

In order for the investigation work to take place safely, temporary traffic lights will remain in place until necessary repair work can take place.

We understand that there is no right time to undertake works in such a busy road as A537, and this has been planned to try to minimise disruption to local residents, businesses and members of the travelling public.

What we are doing

Henbury embankmentTwo way temporary traffic lights have been installed on the A537 for safety reasons – approximately 1km from Monks’ Heath Junction in Chelford between Whirley Lane and Rough Heys Lane. Whilst the lights are in place, we will take this opportunity to complete some ground investigations, which will help us design a system to stabilise the embankment

When it will happen

Once the embankment is stable we will be able to remove the temporary traffic lights until the culvert headwall is redesigned.  The rebuild will be programmed in 2021/22, again under two way traffic lights.

To view the map and alternative routes, visit https://one.network/?GB120656078