Henbury Embankment, Macclesfield / Chelford

We have identified safety critical works on the A537 to restore a collapsed embankment between Whitley Lane and Rough Heys Lane.

To maintain the safety of road users, temporary traffic lights will remain in place until necessary repair work can take place.

We understand there is no right time to undertake works, and this has been planned to try to minimise disruption.

What we are doing

Henbury embankmentWe have put two way temporary traffic lights on the A537 for safety reasons – approximately 1km west from Monks’ Heath Junction in Chelford. Advance ground investigation is now complete which involved taking 20m deep bore holes to determine the design of the embankment stabilisation and culvert reconstruction. The design of the solution is in progress. The information received from the investigation has resulted in a slight delay from the original planned work and the work will now take place in January under temporary lights. The lights will remain in place until repairs are complete.

When it will happen

Strengthening of the embankment and repairs to the culvert are programmed for January 2022. When these works are complete, the lights will be removed.

To view the map and alternative routes, visit https://one.network/?GB120656078