Bollin Grove, Prestbury

Retaining wall damage

Bollin Grove, Prestbury is currently under an emergency closure due a collapsed section of retaining wall. It will remain closed for safety reasons whilst assessments are undertaken and until a repair can be carried out.

Why it is closed

During a routine inspection of the highway retaining wall on Bollin Grove in Prestbury, a large collapsed section was identified at the foot of the retaining wall by the river, close to the weir.

Bridge damage

What will happen

To maintain safety and prevent further deterioration, the road has been closed at the failed section. This section of highway is a one-way street, however access will be maintained for pedestrians and cyclists, and a diversion has been put in place for vehicular traffic.

The work schedule

The repair of this section of retaining wall will be programmed as a priority, following essential initial inspections, investigations and design work.

We understand that there is no right time to close the road, and we aim to minimise disruption to local residents, businesses and members of the travelling public.

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