Road repair and improvement programme 2020/2021 

Using our highways asset management approach, we identify and prioritise what maintenance, repair and improvement work to do each year.

We plan to finish the following schemes in this financial year:

Funding summary

Capital maintenance of the network

  1. Level 3 Carriageway Surface Treatments (PDF, 826KB) 
  2. Level 2 Carriageway Patching (PDF, 2MB)
  3. Level 3 Footway Treatments (PDF, 700KB)
  4. Drainage Works (PDF, 419KB)
  5. Bridges and Structures (PDF, 3MB) 

Capital management of the network

  1. Traffic Signals and Vehicle Activated Signs (PDF, 304KB) 
  2. Vehicle Restraint Programme (PDF, 179KB)
  3. Road Safety (PDF, 263KB)
  4. Level 3 Road Markings (PDF, 434KB)

Plans can change for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Coronavirus COVID-19 – adjustment of working practices and delivery plans as necessary to ensure full compliance with the latest government guidance and availability of resources. 
  • weather
  • unexpected scheme-specific issues
  • new priorities arising 
  • unexpected costs

For an explanation of levels 1,2, and 3 and more information on how we make repairs and improvements, see road condition and repairs

For information on what happens when we close a road, see how we manage road closures and diversions.