Grass verges and cutting

We maintain approximately 5.8 million square metres of roadside grass verge on adopted roads in Cheshire East.  

We cut grass to help road safety - to make sure there is good visibility at bends and junctions, to keep road signs clear, and to give room for people to pass on the pavement.

We also consider environmental factors and appearance. In rural areas we give importance to conservation.

Grass cuttings

We do not collect grass cuttings because they provide nutrients to the soil. We blow cuttings back onto the verge where needed. 

If you think grass cuttings are causing a hazard on the footway you should make a report to us under the 'street sweeping' category.

We cut the grass 10 times per year, which means cutting will be approximately every 4 weeks during the growing season between March and November depending on the weather. 

However, a small number of verges in 30 mph and 40 mph areas are cut less often to help support wildflowers and insects.

Grass verges are refuges for plants, birds and insects. To protect this wildlife, we only cut rural grass verges once a year. Cutting takes place at the height of the growing season. This gives plants a chance to flower and keeps the verge looking attractive for as long as possible.

We use tractors to cut a single 1.2 metre strip back from the edge of the road or footway, with extra cutting to give visibility at junctions and bends. We also cut around street furniture.

We do our best to avoid planning a rural cut at the same time as a major local event, but this is not always possible.

The programmed dates for cutting rural highway verges this year have not been programmed yet. They will include:

  • Rural visibility cuts to keep sightlines clear at junctions and bends, which are carried out twice a year.  
  • A full cut of the rural verges.

Driving over or parking on grass verges

Although verge damage can look unsightly, it is rarely considered to present a danger to highway users. This means we won’t repair the damage unless it is a safety concern, such as tracking mud onto the road or causing a tripping hazard.

You must not drive over grass verges. If you cause damage to a grass verge, we can seek any repair costs from you.

Parking on a grass verge is considered the same as parking on a footway. You can find more information about grass verge enforcement on our nuisance parking and parking restrictions page.

Weed control

You can find out more information on how we deal with weeds on our weed control page.

Report a grass verge issue

If you have read the information on this page and still need to report an issue with a grass verge, you can use our online form.

Report a grass verge issue

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