Report a pothole or damaged road surface

Before you report this problem

We can only deal with issues on our road network. If the issue is on a private road or on land like a car park owned by an organisation like a supermarket, you should report the problem to the owner instead.

Report a problem on the road

You can report highway issues via Fix-my-street. We will endeavour to respond to your enquiry at the soonest opportunity and update you on progress. If you consider the damage to be dangerous or an emergency call 0300 123 5020 during working hours or outside working hours 0300 123 5025.

Report a problem on a road 

Previously reported problems

You can track the progress of reports you made on our previous system

Further pothole information

We respond to potholes and other localised road defects according to the level of risk to road/pavement users. This means our response time depends on where the defect is, how bad the defect is, and how busy the road or pavement is.

Pothole teams take photos of every pothole repair so we can make sure repairs are to a good standard. 

Urgent safety-critical pothole issues

Where our inspector considers the defect to be putting people at immediate risk, the inspector will make sure the defect is made safe or repaired within a set response time depending on the level of risk. We have three categories of timescales to make safe or repair: 1.5 hours for the most urgent issues, end of the next working day, or within 5 working days. Timescales start from the time of inspection.

'Making safe' might mean either putting up cones and signs, or filling the pothole. 

After pothole repair work, and for non-urgent issues

Once any urgent repair work is done, or where the defect is not an immediate safety issue, we assess the best long term approach for the location. We may schedule the defect for future treatment or add the stretch of road to either our level 2 (patching) or level 3 (resurfacing) programmes. Where there are more than a few non-urgent defects on a stretch of road, we will plan patching or resurfacing work rather than individual pothole repairs. This is because it will not be cost-effective to fill each pothole separately. 

More details about pot hole repair actions and timescales

Our Code of Practice for Highway Safety Inspections (PDF, 700KB) gives full details of how we inspect roads and respond to potholes and other road defects. 

More information on road condition and repairs