Report a pothole or damaged road surface

Before you report this problem

We can only deal with issues on our road network.  If the issue is on a private road or on land like a car park owned by an organisation like a supermarket - report the problem to the owner of the road instead.

Report a problem on the road

Use our system to add details about a problem, including it's location and the option to upload a photo if available.

Make sure you are zoomed in on the map to select the location of the issue - even if you have put in the address.

Report / track a pothole or problem on a road

Road (carriageway) emergencies

If you consider the damage to be dangerous or an emergency, call us on 0300 123 5020.

Report a streetlight

You will need to zoom in on the map to see the location details.

Report / track a street lighting issue

Report a street cleansing issue

See our street cleansing pages for fly-tipping, litter