Notice of proposal

To make Cheshire East Borough Council (Abbey Road, Elworth Road, Lodge Road) (prohibit heavy commercial vehicles) order 2019

Notice is hereby given that Cheshire East Borough Council proposes to make an Order under Sections 1, 2 and 3 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 (hereinafter referred to as “the 1984 Act”) and Part III of Schedule 9 to the 1984 Act. 

  1. The effect of the proposed Order will be to prohibit heavy commercial vehicles (essentially goods vehicles with an operating weight in excess of 7.5 tonnes) on the lengths of road specified in the Schedule to this Notice. The Order will have exceptions for loading/unloading, access, council vehicles, emergency services, public service vehicles and other vehicles used in connection with demolition or statutory undertakers duties.
  2. Copies of the draft orders; plans showing the restricted areas; a statement of reasons for making the Order and a copy of this public notice are available at:

Cheshire East Borough Council Offices
Middlewich Road
CW11 1HZ

  1. If you wish to object to the proposed Order, or to any provisions contained in it, or make any other representations, you may do so in writing, and if making an objection you must specify the grounds on which it is made, to be received by 29 August 2019 to:

Mr R Welch
Cheshire East Highways
Municipal Buildings
Earle Street

or email to:


  • Abbey Road - for its entire length
  • Elworth Road - between its junctions with Abbey Road and Salt Line Way
  • Lodge Road - for its entire length


Director of Legal Services
Cheshire East Borough Council
8 August 2019