Temporary multiway traffic signals on the highway


Two way traffic signals are applied for as part of the streetworks permits if you are utility company

  • If you are a private company or individual wanting two way traffic signals email highways

Schedule of standard conditions

  1. the applicant must submit a 1:1250 or 1:500 scale plan of the proposed site showing the positions of the
    • 'wait here until green light shows' (diagram No.7011.1)
    • temporary traffic signal heads
    • cones for the working area, safety zones and pedestrian facilities (if applicable)
  2. signals to be erected in accordance with the diagram 7001 with supplementary plate to diagram 7021 and 562 with supplementary plate to diagram 7022.
  3. all traffic management must comply with the 'Safety at Street Works and Road Works Code of Practice' issued by the Department for Transport
  4. all traffic signal controllers to conform with MCE 0111
  5. when not in use the temporary traffic signals shall either be removed or 'bagged over'
  6. all generators shall be fitted with a silencer for use overnight in urban areas
  7. the following standard fees and charges apply
  • Temporary 3 and 4 way traffic signal application - £260

There will be a minimum £75 charge for any rejected/cancelled applications

  • Switching off and bagging over traffic signals/pelican crossings:
  • general switch off / on signal junction or crossing - £260
  • Switch off / on plus bagging over crossing heads and buttons - £379
  • Switch off / on plus bagging over small junction heads - £454
  • Switch off / on plus bagging over large junction heads - £546

8. When applying for a switch off / on, ensure the approved traffic management company is onsite and ready within 30 minutes of the requested time stated on your application form.  Failure to do this will require the switch off / on to be re-scheduled therefore a further fee will be required when re-planning the works.  Also cancellations or late arrivals on site will result in a recharge of full cost recovery.

There may be a minimum £75 charge for any rejected or cancelled applications.

  1. where it is intended to operate the signals in traffic sensitive locations during traffic sensitive times the applicant must operate the temporary signals manually in an attempt to minimise disruption to traffic.
  2. the following minimum notice periods are required to approve temporary traffic signal applications

    Category of Work table
    Category of work (as defined by NRSWA)Period
    Immediate (emergency and urgent) telephone prior to set up (fast track application / retrospective process)
    Minor Works (3 days duration) 7 days
    Standard Works (10 days duration) 7 days
    Major Works (more than 10 days duration) 20 days
  3. all temporary traffic signal equipment must conform to the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2016 Schedule 14 part1 para 3
  4. the traffic signal timings shall be designed in accordance with the Department for Transport's 'An Introduction to the Use of Portable Vehicular Signals'

Notes for guidance

  1. The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2016 (TSRGD) Schedule 14 Direction 6 prescribes that permission is required from the Traffic Authority for the placement of portable light signals on the Highway. Failure to obtain such permission is an offence.
  2. Where it is necessary to adjust or suspend the use of permanent traffic signals / pedestrian crossings or apply for Temporary Traffic Regulation orders etc. the application will contact the Traffic Authority in advance.
  3. Formal approval for the use of temporary traffic signals is in addition to the requirements of the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 (NRSWA).

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