Advertising signs, banners, decorations, and awnings permission

By law, the only signs or similar items that should be placed on the highway or over a pavement are signs which help road safety, give relevant information, or help traffic flow. 

But we recognise that signs can be important for businesses and for the community. So we do allow  advertising signs, banners, decorations, awnings in some situations, and where there is no risk to the public. 

Report problems with signs

If any advertising sign other than flyposting is causing a problem, contact our Community Wardens.

To ask us to remove flyposting, you can report a street cleansing issue.

Putting up banners, decorations, awnings and advertising signs

You can put an A-board outside your business as long as it does not cause a problem for road and pavement users.

Boards must not:

  • restrict or block driver sightlines
  • reduce the width of the pavement so that it is hard for people to walk along it

It is important to consider the needs of people with impaired vision, mobility problems, or who have young children (who might either be walking and holding the adult's hand or in a pram or pushchair). 

If an A-board you put up causes a problem, our community wardens will ask you to remove it or move it to a more suitable location. If you refuse, they can take the board away.

If you want to put a business advertising sign or structure (other than an A-board or similar) you may need advertisement consent, which is a type of planning permission. We do not allow business advertising banners on roads. Our community wardens may remove banners and we may charge the full cost of removal to the owner.

Recognised community groups can put temporary signs and banners on the roadside advertising not-for-profit events with our agreement as long as all the following apply:

  • the signs won't cause a hazard or other problem for road users
  • the event is for the benefit of the wider community
  • you take the signs down straight away after the event

For further advice, contact us.

We only allow decorations (including decorative lights) and bunting on roads when organised by recognised community groups for not-for-profit community events and activities. 

In most cases, you will need to use specialist contractors to make sure the work is done safely. 

It might be necessary for safety reasons for the contractors to use temporary traffic lights or other traffic management measures. If they need to do this, they will add the costs involved to what they charge you.

In most locations, you will need a height clearance of at least 5.5m (18 ft). This does vary depending on the road. You must also make sure the decorations don't cause any obstructions for people using the pavement.

For further advice, contact us.

You can put up an awning that goes over the pavement from your property as long as it does not cause an obstruction to people using the pavement.. 

You cannot attach signs. banners, bunting, decorations or anything else to Cheshire East street furniture (such as lamp posts and street railings) unless it is for a temporary community event. Our community wardens may remove items and we may charge the full cost of removal to the owner.

We do not allow fly posting. Fly-posters are a distraction to drivers and look untidy. When we know about fly posters, our community wardens take them down.