Road condition and repairs

A 3 level strategy is used to deal with road defects in Cheshire East:

  • Level 1 - keeping the network safe and serviceable through permanent repairs to isolated defects such as potholes within required timescales
  • Level 2 - maintaining and protecting the network through programmed patching work to protect the network from further deterioration
  • Level 3 - investing to improve the network to achieve overall network condition improvement, delivered through the annual Carriageway Improvement Programme.

Level 1 – keeping the network safe and serviceable 

Road defects such as potholes are identified through scheduled safety inspections and reports from members of the public. These are repaired within required timescales to keep roads safe. Repeated freezing and thawing of water on the road surface during winter can cause the condition of roads to deteriorate in isolated areas. Post winter repairs take place to target affected locations.

Level 2 – maintaining and protecting the network

Road defects that are concentrated in larger areas are dealt with by patching works, as part of our level 2 patching programme. Level 2 works are targeted at locations requiring more permanent repair as part of the council’s highway maintenance strategy, to begin to improve the overall condition of the road network.

Level 3 – investing to improve the network

The Carriageway Improvement Programme involves large scale surfacing treatments such as surface dressing, micro asphalt and resurfacing to improve the overall condition of Cheshire East’s road network. These works are delivered through an annual carriageway improvement programme (PDF, 77KB) during summer months. 

Report it

We inspect all roads and pavements in Cheshire East on a regular basis to identify safety defects and arrange any repairs. If you are concerned about the condition of a road, report it and it will be assessed with appropriate action taken.


You can see where there are road works or planned road closures on our roadworks page.

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