Roadside trees and hedges

We prune roadside trees and cut roadside hedges to keep roads and pavements safe and free from obstructions. This work is planned to cause least disruption to wildlife and the environment.

Roadside trees

We are responsible for trees located in the highway. We will:

  • inspect trees to identify hazards to ensure the safety of highway users and adjacent property
  • carry out works that are deemed necessary as a result of tree inspections
  • deal with tree-related emergencies
  • undertake a modest programme of tree planting in the highway, maintainable at the public expense, in co-operation with Borough and Parish Councils

We will not remove or prune roadside trees for the benefit of television reception or due to leaf-fall, fruiting bodies, sap or bird fouling or lack of light.

Roadside hedges

For roadside hedges within our responsibility, our hedge cutting programme is delivered in November and is usually scheduled for four weeks.

Roadside trees and hedges that are not our responsibility

Trees and hedges that grow on the edge of the highway and mark a boundary with private land or property are the responsibility of the adjacent landowner or occupier to maintain.

Owners and occupiers are required to:

  • trim trees and hedges so growth does not obscure the view of road signs
  • trim roadside trees and hedges to maintain visibility for road users, particularly at junctions and on the inside of bends
  • trim any hedge that directly abuts a road, footway, cycleway or public right of way so that growth does not prevent the passage or affect the safety of highway users, including cyclists and pedestrians
  • remove dead or decaying trees and other growth that may fall across the highway. If a tree from your property falls across the highway, you can either arrange for a contractor of your choice to remove it or contact us 24 hours a day to complete the work on your behalf. We will expect you to meet all costs incurred in carrying out the work, including those associated with any traffic management measures or road closures implemented as a result of the fallen tree. You can elect to retain the arisings yourself or we can arrange to dispose of them for a charge.
  • remove branches and other growth that may prevent the passage of high sided vehicles or obstruct light from a street light
  • ensure the highway (including the footway and drainage features) is left clear of debris from the cutting operations.

We are empowered to ensure that owners and occupiers carry out their legal duties in respect of roadside hedges and trees under the Highways Act 1980 (section 154).

We possess the necessary powers to prune, lop or fell trees that are deemed to be creating a nuisance or hazard. In such cases, it is normal practice to recover the costs of these works from the owner of the hedge(s) or tree(s) in question.

We are not required to remove or prune trees for the benefit of telecommunications service providers. The responsibility for such maintenance falls upon the owners of the telecommunications apparatus.

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