LED street lighting improvements

We’re investing to improve the authority’s street lighting, by upgrading it to light emitting diode (LED) technology.

LED street lighting emits a ‘white light’ and is a more energy efficient way to light roads and pavements that are the responsibility of Cheshire East Council.

21,000 street lights have already been upgraded to LED over the past two years and a further investment will see another 18,000 conversions to LED . Installation involves replacement of the light with an LED unit.

Benefits of LED

The new LED street lighting will bring a number of benefits to residents, road users and the authority in Cheshire East. The lighting:

  • Produces a ‘white light’ which improves visibility and colour recognition to help road users feel safer
  • Minimises light pollution into homes and gardens by directing light onto the road and pavement
  • Is more economical and produces less carbon than conventional street lighting, helping to reduce the Council’s carbon footprint
  • Has a longer life span (between 10 and 20 years) and a reduced likelihood of faults which means less disruption on the network for further repair visits

Information for residents

The three-year programme began in September 2016 and involves the upgrade of the majority of street lighting located in residential areas.

If your road is to benefit from these improvements works, dates will be displayed on signage on your street. Please help us by not parking in front of the street lights on our works dates.

Our what to expect leaflet (PDF, 446KB) provides more information about our LED improvements including frequently asked questions about what to expect before, during and after works take place.

Street lighting column replacements

All street lighting columns that are the responsibility of Cheshire East Council have been structurally inspected and some may need to be replaced.

These replacements will be planned in conjunction with the LED upgrades to ensure all works are completed at the same time, minimising disruption. This means that some street lighting columns will need to be replaced as well as the light in some cases.

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