Surface dressing

Surface dressing is a well established preventative maintenance treatment that restores the road surface, making it waterproof and enhances skid resistance. This is extending the life of Cheshire East’s network and minimises disruption associated with further maintenance visits.

We spray the road surface with bitumen and press new stone chippings into the bitumen binder. This seals the road against the ingress of water, and improves texture of the surface.

We are normally able to surface dress a road within 1 to 2 days, depending on the size of the road, minimising inconvenience caused to motorists.

Surface dressing programme

Our surface dressing programme is delivered in May and June. If your road is affected by these works you will be notified by letter with work dates being displayed on information boards located on-street.

There is some flexibility within this programme as warm and dry weather is required to ensure that the material embeds into the road effectively. If weather conditions such as heavy rainfall are forecast, work will be rescheduled for completion at a later date in May or June.

Surface dressing guidance

  • You will know if your road is being surface dressed as you will receive a letter in advance.  On-street information boards will display the exact works dates and these will be updated if the date of our visit changes
  • To prepare the road for surface dressing, we will carry out patching prior to the application of the surface dressing treatment
  • Residents and local businesses affected by our Surface Dressing Programme will be notified and on-street signage will advise of dates of work
  • If you require access to your property whilst our works are on-going please contact a member of our team onsite who will assist. We maintain access for emergency vehicles during our works
  • Surface dressing is a weather dependent process. New chippings will not embed into the road if it is too cold, and the binder will not hold the chippings down if it is too hot. Similarly, the process will not work if the road is wet, or if there is heavy rain shortly after the work has been carried out. We will therefore stop work if heavy rain is forecast up to 24 hours before works commence. Works will then be rescheduled for completion at a later date
  • It is normal for loose chippings to be found on the road following application of surface dressing. Due to this, an advisory speed limit of 20mph will be in place until the surface has settled
  • To help the road material settle, we will sweep the road several times to remove any loose chippings and road markings will be replaced

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If you require further information on one of our surface dressing schemes report it online.

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