Jet patching

Cheshire East Highways as with every Highway Authority across the country is battling with the problem of potholes on a daily basis.

Our main focus is to constantly improve the condition of the highway and the service we provide to road users who use the Borough's highway network on a daily basis.

We have introduced a programme to repair the potholes across the Borough in a way that is not only quicker but more economical, efficient and causes less disruption to highway users.

We now use an innovative system called ‘Jet Patcher to combat the pothole problem. This programme of work is being carried out by 'Velocity', a specialist supply chain partner, as part of the Cheshire East Highways Contract.

Currently two jet patching machines are in operation across the Borough, covering both rural and urban areas. Between the 2 vehicles an average of 1500 potholes can be filled per week.

This significantly improves the amount of potholes being filled per day, at the same time each machine requires just one operator and a driver.

The very simple and quick process has just 3 steps:

  • high velocity air is blasted into the pothole to remove all dust, debris and standing water
  • a bituminous emulsion bonding and coating agent is forced, under pressure, deep in every crack and crevice of the pothole
  • bitumen emulsion and aggregate are mixed, and immediately compacted into the pothole using high velocity

Each machine can hold sufficient material to ensure that it can work constantly throughout the day, eliminating the need for repeat trips back to the depot for more material.

The advantages of using the jet patching process are:

  • the CO2 emissions are very low as no waste material is produced by the process and the materials are 100% cold applied
  • the machine will save a notable amount of fuel because they use modern diesel engines
  • the average pothole repair will take no longer than 2 minutes
  • the repair can be opened to traffic immediately, therefore dramatically reducing the traffic management costs and traffic disruption to the road user
  • the cost for each repair is considerably less

Because of the reduction in cost for each repair carried out by the jet patcher, the programme delivers a cost effective way to repair and maintain the Borough's highway network.

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