Clear and cleanse

Our clear and cleanse programme maintains narrow streets in town centres that can be difficult to access. Parked cars and vehicles must be moved from these streets for essential road gully emptying and mechanical sweeping to take place. This stops weeds from growing and road gullies becoming full and blocked.

Clear and cleanse programme

We have identified those streets in towns across Cheshire East where clear and cleanse is required. To minimise disruption, this work is carried out in a single day in each street in our clear and cleanse programme.

Google Maps displaying the locations of the streets affected

Click on the Star map marker icon to view information specific to the location, along with the date of the proposed works. Using the Search icon for maps icon, you can search by street to find out if the road outside your property is affected and what date the work will take place.

Clear and cleanse guidance

If your road is affected:

  • advanced warning signs are erected and postcards are delivered to properties on affected streets two days prior to the designated Clear and Cleanse day, allowing residents and motorists time to make alternative arrangements for parking of vehicles
  • residents and motorists must move their vehicles prior to work starting
  • upon completion of the work, the signs are removed and vehicles are allowed to return to the street

Contact us

Report a problem online

If you consider a highways issue to be dangerous, or an emergency, please call us on:

0300 123 5020
(8:30am – 5:00pm)

0300 123 5025
(after 5pm and before 8:30am, including weekends)

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