Carriageway Improvement Programme

The Carriageway Programme is aimed at improving the overall condition of the roads in Cheshire East. This is in line with the three-level strategy which deals with road defects across the borough:

The programme of improvements and maintenance is shown on our roadworks page and can be subject to changes. Further details can be found on the Highways Programme of Works 2019/20 page.

Carriageway Improvement Programme overview

The Carriageway Improvement Programme uses four separate road treatments:

  • Resurfacing is generally planing out the surface course and replacement with new surface course. Sometimes it is necessary to excavate or plane deeper to enhance the structural capacity of the road but the deep planing is usually only in isolated areas where failure is noted. The failed areas are usually for a reason such as blocked gully or a trench reinstatement.

  • Pre-patching for surface dressing or micro asphalt. Conventional surface dressing needs to have a smooth surface that is structurally sound before the chipping machine arrives on site. Micro asphalt is thicker than conventional surface dressing and is more tolerant of an uneven surface and usually less patching is needed.

  • Micro asphalt has a finite thickness of about 20mm and is laid in two layers. It is viscous and does tend to flow such that the thickness against the kerbs may be a little thicker than in the middle of the road. It is can cope with traffic in a few hours but the ‘curing’ process continues for quite some time. The material can be laid in September (if the weather is fine) and it can start in March.

  • Surface dressing is limited to when it can be laid from May through to the end of August when the temperatures can be expected to be warm. The ambient temperature is important to ensure that the binder is able to fully accept the stone chippings and the traffic travelling at slow speed over the new surface is an important part of the process.

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