Street cleansing, litter and fly tipping

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You can use this form to report dead animals, dog fouling, fly posting, fly tipping, graffiti, littering, removal of needles and syringes, and to request street sweeping. 

Fly tipping

On public land

You can report fly-tipping on public land, on the public highway or other land owned by the council.

We will usually arrange for reported waste to be removed within 48 working hours. It may take longer if the waste contains asbestos, clinical or other hazardous wastes as special arrangements need to be made for such waste.

We seek to prosecute if the offender can be identified from the waste and, or where there are witness statements. The maximum penalty for the offence of illegally tipping waste is currently £50,000 and/or a term of imprisonment.

On private land

It is usually the landowner's responsibility to remove the waste or an accumulation of rubbish on private land or someone's property. In these situations the cost of removal may be recovered through the courts if an offender was identified.

If waste is deemed to be causing or likely to cause a statutory nuisance you can contact the Environmental Health Team on 0300 123 5015 who may be able to serve a notice on the occupier of the land to remove it within a given time.

Cases of large scale illegal tipping (a lorry load or more) are dealt with by the Environment Agency 24-hour hotline number: 0800 807060.

The Council may wish to prosecute the person fly tipping and will be keen to use your evidence in court. Even if you do not wish to be a witness, it is still important to report these crimes.

Fly tippers are doing something illegal. They do not want to be caught. You should not approach them. Only approach the site when you are sure it safe to do so. Some waste is hazardous. Do not touch anything, you should not approach the waste or open any bags or containers.

What we class as fly tipping

Fly tipping is the "illegal deposit of any waste on to land that has no licence to accept waste."

It is an offence under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to fly tip any material. Conviction could lead to a heavy fine.

Waste includes: general household waste, larger domestic items such as fridges, mattresses, garden refuse, commercial waste, builders rubble, clinical waste and tyres.

Remember - if you are asking a third party such as a builder or contractor to dispose of waste on your behalf you should ensure they are a registered waste carrier. You are responsible for checking they are registered, so always ask to see their certificate. Always get a receipt confirming what they have taken and where they have disposed of it and details of any payment made.

Fly-tipping taskforce

We have commissioned a new taskforce to tackle the widespread issue of fly-tipping in Cheshire East. The officers will form a team that will work to reduce fly-tipping and littering in the borough over the next 12 months. The officers will initially focus their efforts on Crewe but they will be responsive to situations as they develop across the borough.
Fixed penalty notices will be issued for £80 for dog fouling and littering. Fly-tippers will be fined £400. Read more about the taskforce and if you are a Cheshire East resident and see evidence of fly-tipping, please report it online or contact 0300 123 5021.

Street cleansing, litter and graffiti

The Council is responsible for keeping the Borough as free from litter and graffiti as practicably possible. Cleansing frequencies can vary between areas according to a range of local factors, including pedestrian, traffic and commercial activity.

We can all help improve the local environment by taking responsibility for our own litter and disposing of it in the appropriate manner. You can help by:

We aim to :

  • empty town centre litter bins daily and all other litter and dog bins on at least a weekly basis
  • cleanse town centre areas daily
  • attend to fly tipped waste within 24 working hours of a report being received (for waste that can be removed in less than 1 hour as larger deposits may require additional equipment)
  • remove offensive graffiti on council land within 48 working hours
  • remove fly posting on council land within 2 weeks



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