Trees,woodlands and hedges

Privately owned trees

Land owners have responsibility for trees growing in private gardens or on private land. If you have a civil dispute related to trees you are advised to contact your solicitor.

Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) and Trees in Conservation Areas

You can check whether a tree is protected by a Tree Preservation Order or is within a Conservation Area see our pages on TPO’s and trees in conservation areas.

If you wish to carry out work to trees that are covered by a Tree Preservation Order or lies within a Conservation Area visit Tree Work Applications.

Other tree felling controls

If you intend to remove trees, groups of trees or trees within woodlands that are not located within in a garden, orchard, public open space or churchyard you may be required to obtain a felling licence from the Forestry Commission whether or not a Tree Preservation Order is in force. The Forestry Commission also offers grants to help with the planning, planting or maintenance of woodlands.

Problems with council-owned trees

Trees on council land are managed by various council departments. 

  • Highways
    to report a problem with a tree or hedge that is located on the highway (within the road, footpath or roadside grass verge) contact our Highways Service.
  • Parks, recreation and open spaces
    If the tree is in a public park, open space or area of formal play contact our grounds maintenance team
  • Countryside parks and sites
    to report trees located within a Countryside site managed by the Council contact Countryside Ranger Service.
  • Cheshire Farms – tenanted land
    For a query about a tree on one of the Council’s farms.
  • Schools
    The responsibility for the management and maintenance of trees within school grounds rests with the Governing body of each individual school.
  • Housing
    If the tree is on land belonging to a housing trust, association or the local authority, contact your landlord. List of registered Social Landlords.
  • Public rights of way
    Public Rights of Way are not necessarily Council land, but you can report paths overgrown with vegetation to our Public Rights Of Way team.

Tree Risk Management Strategy

We recognise the many benefits trees provide. The overall risk to public safety from the failure of trees is very low, and we have a duty of care to manage that risk, considering the benefits and costs. This Strategy sets out our approach to managing trees within the Council’s ownership.

Page last reviewed: 06 October 2021