Landscape planning guidance

The Cheshire East Landscape team provides specialist input to the planning process which includes applications for development, minerals and waste.

The Cheshire East area is a significant landscape asset in the North West which is enjoyed and valued for, amongst other things, its ecological, recreational, agricultural, conservation and aesthetic aspects. This is reflected in both the quantity and quality of landscape designations which protect specific areas and in the high profile given to the environment in the Council’s key objectives.

Large areas of Cheshire East are locally designated landscapes (LLDs), significant areas outside urban areas are Green Belt and there are a large number of nature conservation designations. Applications within the Peak District are dealt with by the Peak District National Park Authority.

In line with national and local planning policies, the Council seeks to ensure the appropriate protection and enhancement of its landscapes, both urban and rural, whilst meeting the needs of development.

Landscape surrounds all outdoor space, from town centre pedestrian precincts, to the open countryside. All forms of development impact the landscape to some degree and this needs to be assessed to determine its significance. Development should be designed to integrate into its setting and to identify possible mitigation (be they proposals for stables, householder applications, new residential development, business parks, new town centre buildings, public art, telecommunications masts, wind turbines, nursing homes, nurseries, new retail, overhead power lines, new recreational landscapes such as golf courses and many others).

Design guidance

Landscape design guidance is offered for development proposals from the pre-application stage, through to the discharge of landscape conditions. 

Development management

Landscape Architects assess the impact of proposed developments upon existing landscape and views of the surrounding area. This can include assessing the suitability of landscape schemes (often submitted as part of a planning application), and negotiating any improvements.

Landscape character assessment

Our landscape character assessment report describes the varying landscapes of different areas across Cheshire East. It informs decisions about development and landscape management in the borough.

Page last reviewed: 01 March 2023