Landscape Consultants

When to involve a Landscape Architect

Developers are advised to seek advice on the landscape design aspects of a major scheme in the early stages of the development of a project.

The input of a Landscape Architect in the design team can encourage appropriate form, scale and siting and ensure that landscape design issues are fully integrated into the proposals. Landscape Architects take an holistic overview of design in the environment, taking account of all factors: natural, historical, cultural, social.

They are specialists in the design and implementation of a wide range of hard and soft landscapes and can provide services which include landscape appraisals, feasibility studies and environmental impact assessment. For issues related specifically to trees, see trees and hedges.

Chartered Landscape Architects

For major schemes, or schemes requiring a significant landscape design input, developers are advised to use the services of professional members of the Landscape Institute, which is the governing body for Chartered Landscape Architects in the United Kingdom.

A list of their members and registered practices, organised by region, is available on the Landscape Institute's Directory of Registered Practices.

Page last reviewed: 19 December 2018