Landscape character assessment

Landscape character assessment is the distinct and recognisable pattern of elements that occur consistently in a particular landscape. It is essential to inform responsible decision making and is a pre-requisite for the planning of sustainable future landscapes, which in turn should protect the environment while accommodating and influencing change.

Particular combinations of geology, landform, soils, vegetation, land use, field patterns and human settlement create character. Character makes each part of the landscape distinct and gives each its sense of place. Each character area has its own identity, even though it may share some generic characteristics with other areas.

Cheshire East landscape character assessment

The 2018 Cheshire East landscape character assessment aims to provide an objective description of the landscape and a strategy for managing the landscapes of Cheshire East and guiding landscape change in the borough. It does not set out policy, but provides an evidence base to inform policies and proposals in the local plan, inform the determination of planning applications or more widely around policy change, development and landscape management.

It updates the previous Cheshire landscape character assessment to reflect current good practice, the present state of the landscape and to provide a landscape strategy.

Page last reviewed: 17 December 2021