Noise Pollution - Making a Complaint 

The Environmental Health Department always encourage you to speak to your neighbour directly when problems arise as more often than not, the person/business that is being complained about is not aware that they are creating a problem for others. We know from experience that making a formal complaint can place a strain on the relationship between you and your neighbours. We appreciate  that this might be too daunting for some or prove unsuccessful.  

If you are having problems with your neighbour be they business or domestic then we recommend the following procedure:

Step 1 

Contact the Environmental Protection Team using either our Report a Noise Complaint form or via the telephone number 0300 123 5015 to discuss your current problem. At the time of your call or following receipt of your online form submission an officer will advise you of the current procedure and will explain the options available to you.  Telephone calls can only be answered during normal office hours. Online submissions will be read when the office is next open.

Step 2 

You will be required to provide details of both yourself and the address you are complaining about. The Environmental Health Department does not accept anonymous complaints, nor does it divulge any of your details to an outside party.  You have a vital part in the complaint investigation and it ensures that we can contact you with updates and questions if we need to.

At this stage the complaint procedure will be explained to you. The investigating officer will advise you as to the best way forward. At this stage your complaint is only registered on our system as an enquiry.

Step 3 

An officer will contact you to discuss the problem and explain what informal actions are available, agree which is the most appropriate for the circumstances and the timescale.

Step 4

If the noise continues, you must contact the investigating officer who will determine if a formal investigation is required. If an investigation is required, you may be asked to keep a log of when the noise is causing a problem. The officer will also explain how your complaint will be investigated.

If, in the officers opinion, they are not satisfied that the noise is sufficient to amount to a statutory nuisance they will explain their decision and what options may be available.

Step 5 

Where we establish that further investigation is required we will work in accordance with our Enforcement Policy; in most cases the first or indeed second contact with the person you are complaining about normally solves the problem. Where this is not the case we will consider the enforcement options available to us and act accordingly whilst keeping you up to date with our actions. This work will continue until the situation is remedied.

Before Making a Complaint... 

If you would like to view our advice on the most frequently received noise complaints then go to;

To make a complaint please contact the Environmental Protection Team using either our Report a Noise Complaint form or via the telephone number 0300 123 5015.