Firework noise

It sometimes seems like bonfire night lasts for half of the year what with fireworks for 5th November, Weddings, Birthdays, New Years Eve and the various cultural and religious festivals that take place throughout the year.  The Environmental Protection team is unable to investigate complaints of noise from the occasional fireworks displays; the only time when this can be investigated is if a particular venue has regular and prolonged displays.

The Fireworks Regulations 2004 restrict the time at which fireworks can be set off to 11:00 pm.  There are exceptions to this however:

  • Bonfire Night (Midnight)
  • New Years Eve (1:00 am)
  • Dawali and Chinese New Year (1:00 am)

Please note that fireworks set off outside of the above times are a Police matter and you should contact Cheshire Police on the 101 non-emergency number. 

There are also restrictions on the sale and storage of fireworks - please see our Trading Standards product safety section.

To view a copy of our general information leaflet on the safe and enjoyable use of fireworks visit our Firework safety page.  

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