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Generally construction and demolition sites are noisy places and often it is a case of balancing allowing the work to be undertaken as quickly as possible, against the needs of local residents and the enjoyment of their property.

There are occasions when the work is undertaken either outside of acceptable times or is excessively noisy and on these occasions, you should approach the Environmental Protection Team who will be able to advise what can be done. Contact the Environmental Protection Team using either our Report a Noise Complaint form or via the telephone number 0300 123 5015.

Hours of operation for construction and demolition

Whilst there are no hours set out in law we recommend the following hours of operation for noisy work:

  • Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm
  • Saturdays 9am - 2pm
  • No noisy work* on Sundays or Bank Holidays

Where noisy operations or works outside these hours are unavoidable, or where work is expected to continue for long periods, liaise with local residents and the Environmental Health department so that everyone is kept informed and knows who to contact should problems arise.

*Please note this does not stop work taking place on the site providing it is not audible beyond the site boundary.

There are occasions when construction work is unavoidable at sensitive times (for example rail works). We will always try to work with operators to ensure the public is informed of the likely times they may be disturbed.

Advice for developers

For further advice for developers in minimising potential noise problems, please view our Noise Pollution Leaflet using the link below.

The Environmental Protection Team is always available to discuss any noise related activity prior to commencement to provide appropriate advice and prevent any unnecessary disturbance to local residents. The team can be contacted on either 0300 123 5015 or via


Most people have jobs which need doing around the home, especially if they have just moved in, or are redecorating. We also have to accept that many people have jobs during the day and need to do DIY work in the evenings and at weekends. However, this does not give them permission to annoy neighbours at all hours of the day and night or for the work to simply go on and on. We all have to be reasonable to live together.

DIY works are, in general, short lived small projects which would be expected to be undertaken by non-professionals. If you are undertaking a large, long term (more than 2 weeks) project please see the advice regarding Construction Noise below.

If you are planning to carry out noisy DIY on your home, warn your neighbours well in advance and let them know:

  • What you are planning
  • How long you expect the work to continue.
  • The times you will be doing the work (we recommend that you only carry out noisy work between 9:00am and 8:00pm and try to ensure that noisy works are undertaken in the middle of this time period).
  • If you need to carry out noisy work outside these hours, please speak to your neighbours and come to an agreement about when the work can be carried out.
  • If your neighbour has children or other special requirements please take these in to account when deciding on the times you want to work and discuss this with your neighbour.
  • Also invite your neighbours to knock on the door to let you know if the noise is causing them a problem (and be prepared to stop!)

Contact the Environmental Protection Team using either our Report a Noise Complaint form or via the telephone number 0300 123 5015.

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We will not tolerate abusive or threatening behaviour and ask that you are civil when dealing with council staff.

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