Air Quality Monitoring Report

A report received at a Cabinet meeting on 12 July 2016 stated: “As part of the preparatory work for the 2015 annual report and return to Defra, a number of data inaccuracies have been identified that impact on the 2015 report and the 2014 report which has already been submitted.”

This led to a review by the council’s internal audit team and a further external review to determine the full impact and implications of the data errors and the actions required to ensure that the Council is fulfilling its statutory responsibilities with regards to air quality. The review confirmed that there were errors within the Council’s air quality monitoring data for the years 2012-2015. 

The external investigation by Bureau Veritas included a review to identify the relevant planning applications granted planning permission during that period. This review can be accessed alongside a review of these applications to determine whether a different decision would have ensued if the correct data had been used at the time. 

Our website now contains the correct data and supporting information and our annual status report for both 2016 and 2017, containing the accurate data has been submitted to Defra.

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