Local air quality management

Cheshire East council is committed to improving the quality of the air in the borough, through its local air quality management programme. 

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Review and assessment

The council undertakes continuous review and assessment of the air quality within the area following a process defined by government. You can view the process, together with the reports submitted to DEFRA by accessing the Review and Assessment pages.

New development and air quality (including biomass)

All new development has the potential to impact on air quality. In some cases, we may require that an air quality impact assessment is undertaken and submitted alongside a planning application. This allows us to determine whether the proposal will adversely impact on local air quality, and if so, what level of mitigation is required.

For more information see our pages on Air Quality and Planning Guidance.

Industrial air pollution control

The council regulates a number of industrial sites across the borough ensuring that emissions to air are controlled in accordance with best practice for that industrial sector. For information and details of these sites please visit the Industrial Pollution Control pages.