Air Quality Education


The level of air pollution is currently a regular item on national and local media reports. Therefore, Cheshire East is currently looking at all options to try and educate and where possible change perceptions, with regards to air pollution. To help with this the air quality team have produced an education package for delivery in schools to raise awareness within Key Stage 2 (KS2) year groups, specifically years 5 and 6.

The aim of the education package is to educate children about air pollution and the effects it can have on health. It is hoped that this will enable the children to have a better understanding about the choices they make and the effects these can have on both the environment and health.

The education awareness package includes a short session with hands on activities for the children, delivered in the classroom by members of the air quality team. The team have adapted the package to fit in with the KS2 curriculum so it should help to build on other lessons provided. It gives children the opportunity to discuss the causes, effects and potential solutions to air pollution. Members of the team will be able to answer any questions posed by either the teacher or pupils. For more information please email

Further information

Bikeability training is offered in schools to give children the skills they need to enjoy cycling from an early age. For information contact or visit

Cheshire East Council’s Sustainable Modes of Travel to Schools (SMOTS) Strategy sets out the background for how the Council, in collaboration with key delivery partners, will support schools to enable and encourage sustainable travel to and from schools. It also sets out a number of new actions which include the use of Modeshift STARS and a new safer Routes to School  SMOTS funding programme. The funding is to implement engineering measures on the highway network that will encourage more sustainable journeys to school and may include schemes such as:

  • Improvements to walking and cycling routes such as footpath or cycleway improvements;
  • New access points to schools sites which give more convenient and safer access for pedestrian and  cyclists;
  • Improved or new safe crossing points on routes to schools;
  • Small scale traffic management schemes e.g. lining, signing and traffic calming;
  • Improvements to parking in the vicinity of schools to provide a safer highway environment.

Modeshift STARS is an online resource that helps schools through the process of developing their own travel plan. This scheme promotes the active travel that is walking and cycling which in turn promotes clean air, healthier lifestyles and sustainable travel amongst other benefits.