Environmental Health fees and charges

Tacit consent

In some cases licenses are deemed to be granted following a defined time period even if you have not heard from us (tacit consent).  Where this applies it will be made clear on the application form, web page or within the legislation.

Charges and fees for 2018 / 2019

Food safety

Charges and Fees
TypeFee £Additional information
Food health certificates for exported food 70.00  
Food hygiene course:
Level 2 food safety in catering
450.00 + £15 per candidate workbook

Courses on request

(Up to 20 candidates)

Voluntary surrender of food 60.00 per hour + disposal costs
Primary Authority Agreements 60.00 Hourly rate


TypeFee £Additional information

Private water supply - initial sampling costs





Large domestic/ commercial (Max of £500 depending on parameters)

Small shared supply

Single dwelling

Commercial swimming pool (re-sample)


The charge is £60.00 per sample point

Provision of information

Provision of Information
TypeFee £Additional information
Freedom of information/EIR FREE Subject to maximum data collation limits
Contaminated land requests (standard) 60.00 per hour (requests are dealt with within 20 working days)
Review of Environmental and Acoustic Reports 120.00 This is a minimum charge and covers for up to two
hours work. If more than two hours work there is an additional charge of £60 per hour
Environmental Information Requests 60.00 per hour (if a charge is applicable notification
of the estimated amount will be provided within 20 working days and the
information will not be provided until the fee has been paid)

Animal welfare

Animal Welfare
TypeFee £Additional information
Dog breeders (initial application) 183.00 + vet fee
Dog breeders (renewal) 122.00 + vet fee
Home boarding (initial application) 183.00 + vet fee
Home boarding (renewal) 122.00 + vet fee
Animal boarding establishment (initial application) 183.00 + vet fee
Animal boarding establishment (renewal) 122.00 + vet fee
Pet shops (initial application) 183.00 + vet fee
Pet shops (renewal) 122.00 + vet fee
Riding establishments (initial application) 172.00 + vet fee
Riding establishments (renewal) 134.00 + vet fee
Zoo Licence - general 42.00 per hour
(min. charge of £336)
+ vets fees + experts fees.
Dangerous wild animals (initial application) 122.00 + vet fee
Dangerous wild animals (renewal) 108.00 + vet fee
Performing animals registration 108.00  
Joint licence fee 15.00  

Registration for practices on the body

(Acupuncture/ tattooing/ semi-permanent skin colouring/ body piercing/ ear piercing/ electrolysis)

Registration for Practices on the Body fees
TypeFee £Additional information
Registering a premises 130.00 per premises and person
Additional person at a registered premises 55.00 per person
Administrative changes to existing registration 25.00  

Scrap metal dealers and motor salvage operators

Scrap Metal dealers and Motor Salvage Operators
TypeFee £Additional information
Collectors licence 148.00

Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013

Additional collectors licence  10.00  
Replacement collectors licence   10.00  
Site licence 194.00   
Replacement site licence  10.00