Current Permit Holders

Cheshire East Council regulates a number of industrial installations throughout the Borough. These processes are regulated under the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2010.

Examples of some processes regulated by the Council include;

To help local authorities adequately control these specific or ‘prescribed processes' and to sure consistency between authorities, they are provided with Process Guidance Notes, which are published by Central Government. There are over 80 different types of industry covered by Process Guidance Notes, which offer a range of possible conditions to be considered and, where appropriate, applied to an individual process. The final document which contains all of these conditions is called a ‘Permit’ and the operator of a process is legally bound to adhere to these conditions.

More information on Process Guidance Notes and other aspects of industrial pollution control can be found on the DEFRA website.

Public Register

The process of Industrial Air Pollution Control aims to be as transparent as possible and to achieve this every ‘Permitted Process’ has its own public register.

Public Registers contain information about the process, a copy of the Environmental Permit and the conditions, the results of emission monitoring, inspection records, and details of any formal action taken by the local authority.

Public Registers are held by this department and can be viewed during office hours by contacting us using the details below.  Please note it is preferable to book an appointment so that we can ensure the documents you are interested in are available.

There may be a charge for any photocopying.

Search for Processes by Location

Clicking the map icon will load an interactive map, showing the location of all sites regulated by the Council. Clicking on a process will show more details for that process, including the type of process, and which guidance note covers that process.  There is also an option to view other processes within that sector.

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Click on the map icon for an interactive map showing monitoring sites across the Borough.

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