Domestic Heating Oil Spills

As much of Cheshire East is rural in nature, many properties rely on heating oil. 

Heating oil is a valuable resource, if spillages occur they can cause serious environmental problems and can be expensive to clean up.  The contaminated land team at Cheshire East have produced an information booklet to advise householders on what to do to prevent spillages, and how to deal with them appropriately if they occur.

Over recent years, there has been an increasing number of pollution incidents caused by faulty or badly maintained domestic central heating oil tanks. In some circumstances, drinking water supplies have been contaminated. Houses have been evacuated because oil in the ground has produced fumes that have made it impossible to live in the properties.

If you  a heating oil tank and you would like more advice on preventing spills or information on what to do in the unfortunate event of one happening, please refer to the Heating Oil Spills Guidance document (PDF, 495KB).

In addition, Public Health England (Formerly Health Protection Agency) have produced a useful guide for Domestic Heating Oil