Performing animals

If you would like to train or exhibit an animal in stage performances, at circuses or as part of an exhibition you must be registered with the Local Authority.


The Performing Animals (Regulation) Act 1925 (full legislation)


Application forms can be obtained by contacting the Environmental Health Team on the details below. Registration is not subject to annual renewal.


A fee is payable upon application.  Please contact the Environmental Health Team on the details below for further information.

Application evaluation process

The registration application must contain details of the animals kept and the type of performance undertaken. Upon receipt of an application an officer will arrange an inspection of the premises to ensure that the required standards are being met. The legislation does not require the authority to maintain a public register of premises with performing animals registration. 

Rights of appeal

Your registration application cannot be refused by the authority although enforcement action is available to deal with non compliance with the required standards or with specific conditions of the registration.

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