Avian Influenza / Bird Flu

Due to the heightened risk of bird flu, poultry and captive bird housing measures are in force across Great Britain from 14 December 2020. This means it is a legal requirement to house your birds.

For birds such as ducks and geese, where housing is less practicable due to welfare concerns, you must fully enclose them, e.g. with netting to separate them from wild birds.

There are certain species of birds which would be very difficult to house or net, such as large commercial flocks of geese and gamebirds. If it is impossible for you to house or enclose your birds then you must feed and water your birds undercover, fence off and net ponds and standing water and take active methods to separate them from wild birds. See the full requirements in the Avian Influenza Prevention Zone declarations:

Updated information can be found on the Animal and Plant Health Agency web pages.