Energy Bills Support Scheme Alternative Funding (EBSS AF)

The Government have announced support through the Energy Bills Support Scheme (EBSS) Alternative Funding. Eligible customers will not have a direct relationship to an energy supplier, instead they will use alternative fuels like heating oil. This scheme will be launched in early 2023.

Full details and qualifying criteria are yet to be finalised. Further information can be found: Vital help with energy bills on the way for millions more homes across Great Britain and Northern Ireland - GOV.UK (

Applications are expected to be made directly through the website and not via Cheshire East Council.

Please do not contact us directly about this scheme. A dedicated Government customer helpline will be available to assist customers who do not have online access, with further details to be released in January.

If you are eligible for the payment, your payment details will be shared with Cheshire East Council to confirm your home address and make the payment.

£150 Council Tax Energy rebate

Government measures to help households with rising energy costs included a ‘£150 council tax energy rebate’.

We have now completed payments to Cheshire East residents who qualified, for both the core and discretionary schemes having paid over 127,000 payments. The payment will show in your bank account or Council Tax account.

Applications for the core and discretionary schemes have now closed.

Residents who were in properties banded A to D and were in receipt of Council Tax Support as of 1 April 2022 have also qualified for an additional Discretionary payment of £30. These payments were automatically paid to bank accounts with a description of CTAX Energy from Cheshire E Council or direct to your Council Tax account if we do not hold your bank details around 30 November 2022.

Payment of the energy rebates

Scammers are reported to be cold-calling people asking for their bank details to receive the energy grant. We will never ring and ask for you to tell us your bank details over the phone.

Overdraft information

Where payments are made directly to bank accounts, there is a chance the lenders could offset it against overdrafts or other bills. Check how eligible households can exercise their first right of appropriation on payments.

Page last reviewed: 19 December 2022