Your Council Tax bill explained

The bill is made up of three main sections. 

Billing information

The top section shows the main details of your Council Tax account.

CTAX Bill Top 2018

  1. The Council Tax year the bill covers
  2. The names of the person or people liable for paying the bill
  3. The address the bill has been issued to (this is either the address of the property the bill is for or a contact address)
  4. The date we issued the bill
  5. The Council Tax account number
  6. The address of the property the bill is for
  7. The property's Council Tax band

How we work out your bill 

Council Tax is made up of charges from Cheshire East Council, Cheshire Fire Authority and Cheshire Police Authority (shown as Police and Crime Commissioner). For information on how we work out how much money we need, see Council Tax budgets.

The Cheshire East Council charge includes a Flood Defence and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Levy collected on behalf of the Environment Agency. 

If you live in an area where there is a parish or town council, there will also be a further charge for the services they provide. See parish and town council tax charges in Cheshire East. 

CTAX Bill Middle 2018

8. How the annual charge is broken down between Cheshire East Council, your parish or town council, Cheshire Fire Authority and Cheshire Police Authority, and the percentage increase or decrease for the year.

9.The Adult Social Care levy. This is an extra charge central government allows local authorities to make to help pay for adult social care.

Here is an example of how the Adult Social Care levy works, based on a band D property:

In year one of the levy (2016/2017), the Cheshire East Adult Social Care (CE ASC) charge for a band D property was £24.33 and in 2017/2018 the CE ASC charge was £62.19 (which included an increase of £37.86).

In 2018/2019 the CE ASC charge is £101.94.

This includes the 2016/2017 amount of £24.33, the 2017/2018 increased amount of £37.86, and a further 3% increase of the total of the Cheshire East Borough Council (CE) and CE ASC charges for 2018/2019 of £39.75 (excluding town/parish, police and fire charges). 

See below for the calculations of these charges based on a Band D property (or see more detailed explanations and figures for other bands): 

Cheshire East Borough Council (CE) charge:

CE and CE ASC total for 2017/2018 x 2.99% = increase in CE charge for 2018/2019

£1,262.73 + £62.19 = £1324.92 x 2.99% = £39.61

2017/2018  CE  charge £1,262.73 + £39.61 (increase) = CE charge 2018/2019  £1,302.34

This doesn't include the town or parish council charge - actual bill totals will be higher.

Cheshire East Adult Social Care (CE ASC ) charge:

CE and CE ASC total for 2017/2018 x 3.00% = increase in CE ASC for 2018/2019
£1,262.73 + £62.19 = £1,324.92 x 3.00% = £39.75                    

2017/2018  CE ASC Charge £62.19 + £39.75 (increase) = CE ASC charge 2018/2019  £101.94

10. Total annual charge (before any reduction)

11.  Reductions you get, for example, single person discount

Reductions will show on your bill as for the whole year even when they are only for a fixed time period. We will send you a new bill when the reduction is coming to an end. If you think you should keep getting the reduction you will need to apply again.

12. Total amount you need to pay (after any reduction) 

How much to pay and when

This section shows a breakdown of your due payments for your current annual charge. It does not include any money you still owe from previous years' Council Tax.

CTAX Bill Bottom 2018

13.The date and amount of each instalment.

The back of the bill explains different ways of when and how to pay your bill. 

Direct debit is the easiest way to pay and is also the method that costs us less. If you don't already pay by direct debit, it's quick and easy to set up a direct debit online.