Council Tax Annual Billing

We have issued the 2020-21 Council Tax bills. This page should help with your queries regarding Council Tax annual billing. If you have a query about your bill that cannot be answered on our web pages please contact the Council Tax team.

Check your Council Tax account and bill online - Cheshire East online account service

What you need to do if you pay by Direct Debit

Nothing. Your Direct Debit details will automatically carry over to your new bill and we will collect your new instalments on the dates shown on your annual bill.

Setting up a Direct Debit to pay your Council Tax

The easiest way is to set up a Direct Debit online

Paying at the middle or end of the month

Paying by Direct Debit gives you the flexibility of choosing one of 6 payment dates to suit your circumstances.  However, if you cannot set up a Direct Debit, payment must be made on the first day of the month.  

Understanding how your bill has been calculated

Council Tax is made up of charges from Cheshire East Council, Cheshire Fire Authority and the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cheshire Constabulary. For a breakdown of how we calculate your bill see Your Council Tax bill explained.

My circumstances have changed but the bill shows my old information

This could be the case if your account has not been updated prior to the Council Tax bills being produced on 21 February 2020. We will aim to issue a revised bill as soon as possible but if you have not received this within 6 weeks please contact us.

How to get help with your Council Tax bill

You may be entitled to Council Tax Support. Please visit the Benefit Section for more information.

Services your Council Tax pays for

The Council Tax helps pay for services such as schools, community centres, street lighting, youth and sports centres, libraries and swimming pools. Your Council Tax also pays towards police, fire, public transport and collection and disposal of waste. There are no reductions for people who do not use them. 

Charges for the Parish/Town

Your Parish/Town Council can add a charge to your Council Tax bill to pay for tasks they undertake in your Parish/Town.  This includes maintaining playing fields and open spaces, providing footway lighting and looking after cemeteries and graveyards.  

Queries relating to your Parish/Town charge should be made to them directly.

How Council Tax is set

The Council calculates the total amount of Council Tax needed by Cheshire East Council and that amount is divided proportionately between individual properties, which are placed in one of eight bands from A to H, depending on their value as at 1 April 1991.

In addition to the Cheshire East charge, local Town/Parish Councils, Cheshire Constabulary and Cheshire Fire Authority are responsible for setting their own Council Tax levels in consideration of their budget requirement for the year.

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