What is Call-in?

Overview and Scrutiny Committees have the power to call in and scrutinise the Cabinet decisions before they are implemented. The purpose of call-in is to enable the Overview and Scrutiny Committees to consider whether the Cabinet should be asked to review its decision. Call-in provides an opportunity to ensure that the Council adheres to the principles of good decision-making.

The Call in process

After the Cabinet has announced its intention to make a decision, members of the Council have 5 working days to consider that decision.

If any members feel that the decision is for some reason questionable, they can lodge a request to “call in” that decision. At least six members are required for a call in and the reasons must be valid based on the Council's parameters.

The call in is heard at a meeting of the relevant Overview and Scrutiny Committee. Until the matter has been resolved, the decision is put on hold.

The relevant Overview and Scrutiny Committee will then provide a report to the Cabinet and detail any recommendation for the Cabinet to consider if the committee feels that there are grounds to reconsider the decision. This report will contain the views and concerns of Overview and Scrutiny members, members of the public and any other interested parties.

The full Cabinet will reconsider any decisions, which have been called in where advice has been offered and decide whether or not to change its original decision.

A meeting of full council may be held in place of an Overview and Scrutiny Committee if the decision appears to be contrary to the policy framework or budget with the agreement of the Chairman of Council.