Cheshire East Council our vision

Working for a brighter future – together

Cheshire East Council will:

  • celebrate the diverse and distinctive places and communities in the borough, working with them to achieve their hopes and aspirations
  • be led by strong and responsible leadership who are committed to public service and rooted in their communities
  • have valued staff who are proud ambassadors for the council
  • reach out to our communities, neighbouring councils and partners, listen to what they say and act accordingly
  • be a business-like, financially independent council which enables residents and communities to become more self-sufficient
  • take decisions for the long-term, investing in the future and responding to changing circumstances 

We are continually improving how we work and the action we are taking to deliver these commitments include:

  • ensuring that we have strong political and managerial leadership through development programmes and external challenge and support
  • investing in member development and management resilience to strengthen our community leadership and delivery capacity
  • becoming a better partner by developing a culture of working with others and sharing risks and rewards
  • having more open and frank conversations with our communities, neighbours, partners and staff

Our values

  • Flexibility: We adapt quickly and learn together
  • Innovation: We are creative and challenge convention
  • Responsibility: We deliver our promises, efficiently
  • Service: We listen, care and respond appropriately 
  • Teamwork: We respect and work well with others

Community outcomes

  1. Our local communities are strong and supportive
  2. Cheshire East has a strong and resilient economy
  3. People have the skills and education they need in order to thrive
  4. Cheshire East is a green and sustainable place
  5. People live well and for longer
  6. A responsible, effective and efficient organisation

Page last reviewed: 06 August 2021