2013: Delivering Value for Money and Robust Council Finances for Cheshire East Residents

Cheshire East Council has released a key document to show the sound financial footing of the Council.

The document entitled Value for Money, Guidance and Data on the Financial Resilience of the Council (PDF, 962KB)  brings together more than 30 graphs, charts and tables to provide information about how the Council is managing its resources and help decision making.

Please note: the 'Value For Money' PDF is not fully accessible. If you require the document in an alternative format please email webteam@cheshireeast.gov.uk

The document is split into four key areas where the Council is able to make decisions affecting financial resilience:

  1. Local Taxation
  2. Capital and Treasury Management
  3. Reserves and Debt 
  4. Service Expenditure

It shows data since the Council was formed in 2009 and considers the impact of factors such as Council Tax levels, government grants and borrowing requirements.

The headlines include:

  • The Council has robust billing and collection procedures for local taxation.
  • Funding sources are changing to place more reliance on local sources of funding.
  • Year-end Outturn forecasting has improved. 
  • Spending levels have reduced.
  • Capital programme delivery has improved.
  • The balance sheet is relatively stable.
  • The Council has successfully implemented its Reserves Strategy.

A companion Data Book (PDF, 748KB) is also available to show the information used to compile the document and where it came from.

This is the first version and it is recognised that a large amount of information is provided. During 2013 and 2014, this document will be refined in light of comments and as the thinking develops over how best to present the information.

Page last reviewed: 10 November 2021