Pre budget report video transcript

  1. Cheshire East Council’s Budget Setting Process
  2. Putting Residents First
  3. Every year, like all Councils, Cheshire East Council proposes and agrees it budget.
  4. Next year, the budget to deliver the Council’s 500 plus services will be over £750million
  5. The spend could be divided across our services as follows:
    Pre-budget report
    Children and Families  Around 21%
    Adults Social Care and Independent Living Around 37%
    Public Health and Wellbeing Around 1%
    Highways and Waste Around 15%
    Communities Around 4%
    Economic Growth and Prosperity Around 6%
    Corporate Services Around 16%
  6. Some things we have to do by law, others we do because we believe that they are the best things to do for residents – now and for the future
  7. The things we choose to do will always be aimed at delivering our five community outcomes:
  8. Outcome 1: Our local communities are strong and supportive
  9. Outcome 2: Cheshire East has a strong and resilient economy
  10. Outcome 3: People have the life skills and education they need to thrive
  11. Outcome 4: Cheshire East is a green and sustainable place
  12. Outcome 5: People live well and for longer
  13. We are in a stronger financial position than ever before…
  14. …and we have started the process to set our budget earlier than ever before
  15. This means that we will have more time to develop our ideas and hear what people think about where we should focus our spending and where we could make savings.
  16. Cheshire East Council will meet to agree the budget for 2015/16 in February 2015
  17. Between now (September 2014) and February 2015, Councillors, businesses, our schools, unions and staff will all be able to have their say on our budget proposals
  18. We also want to hear what you think.
  19. Visit to read the Pre Budget Report and then send your suggestions to or speak to your Councillor
  20. Putting Residents First