Community-led plans

Community-led plans are developed by local communities, for local communities. The Community-led planning group, made up largely of local volunteers and supported by parish councillors works closely together to create a long term community vision for the future, accompanied by a shorter term action plan which shows how the vision will be delivered.

The community-led planning process provides people with opportunities to have a greater say in what happens in their ward/parish/community and to become more active in decision making.

First steps in creating a community-led plan

If you are interested in developing a community-led plan in your area visit the Cheshire Community Action website.

It is often helpful to see what other groups have produced, therefore take a look at your neighbouring parish to see if they have an existing Parish Plan.

If you agree to proceed with a community-led plan you will at some stage wish to conduct a survey of the community, to help do this Cheshire East Council have produced a Quick Guide to Conducting Surveys (PDF, 364KB).

Neighbourhood Planning

Following the introduction of neighbourhood plans in 2011 many communities chose to complete this new form of community planning which allows communities to shape development in their areas. The neighbourhood planning section provides information on how to complete a neighbourhood plan and links to plans that have already been completed within the Borough.

Page last reviewed: 30 October 2015