The Environmental Information Regulations 2004

Environmental Information Regulations (EIRs) cover information about the environment held by public authorities and bodies who provide services or functions in relating to the environment.

Requesting Information

Anyone can ask for any information that Cheshire East Council holds in relation to the environment. You can write to us, 


If you need help contact us and we will be happy to assist.

Is there information I can't have?

In some instances we can withhold information if an exception applies. Examples of exceptions are:

  • information is not held (we would refer the request on if it is held elsewhere)
  • the request is manifestly unreasonable
  • the request is too general (we will advise and assist you to clarify your request)
  • the request is for unfinished documents or data (we will estimate a time when it will be complete)
  • confidentiality of proceedings
  • personal data
  • environmental protection

Where an exception applies we are required to undertake a Public Interest Test. This means we must consider whether the public interest in maintaining the exception outweighs the public interest in disclosing it.

If we need to withhold any information we will contact you and explain our reasons.

Page last reviewed: 18 January 2022