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A Cheshire East Council Highways employee works on a pothole

Keeping you on the move

Our highway network is worth £5 billion and we’re working hard to keep your roads safe and moving.

We aim to make the best use of our highway budget by planning work using the right treatment, in the right location, at the right time. It means that we focus investment in longer-term repair programmes where we can, preventing more expensive short-term repairs.

When our roads suffer from heavy rain and freezing conditions during winter, potholes can form. It’s a challenge that all councils face but we know this will happen and we are prepared.

A Cheshire East Council Highways employee at workIn summer months, you will see more large-scale programmed work taking place as the weather conditions are better - making repairs more effective.

And during winter, you will see more of our pothole repair teams and patching teams working on the network to keep it safe, fixing those urgent risks.

Road defects that do not need immediate attention may be included in one of our longer-term repair programmes.This year we will be investing a further £7 million in to the highway network, with a particular focus on road resurfacing and surface dressing.

If you need to let us know about a highways issue, you can report it online or call 0300 123 5020. You can also get the latest updates on our road network by following our highways team on Twitter.

Potholes explained

Highways are constructed in layers and when cracks form in the asphalt surface – caused by traffic and the heating and cooling of the surface – moisture can get under it. The moisture weakens the layers underneath and causes potholes to form. In winter, more potholes form because of the repeated freezing and thawing of the moisture, leaving a void which breaks down as more and more traffic goes over it.