Council services during the COVID-19 outbreak

Maintaining essential services to support your health and wellbeing

A young girl looks out from a slide at a playground

Keeping care at the forefront

Caring for and protecting our most vulnerable residents, both young and old, remains a top priority. But there is no shortage of tough decisions to be made in our pursuit of providing quality, value-driven services. 

It is a source of celebration that the population in Cheshire East continues to thrive, to live well and for longer. However, we are also seeing additional and unprecedented support requirements for our caring services at both ends of the age spectrum.

Reductions in government grants, rising costs and increased demand for statutory care services mean social care budgets are under huge pressure right across the country. The financial challenges in looking after vulnerable children and a growing older population have been building for a number of years, with more individuals and families needing support than ever before.

An older person holding hands with a childBut despite the challenges, our aim continues to be to deliver the right support, in the right place, at the right time. We are doing our very best to think differently, to be more innovative and increasingly work together with our partners to provide the very best outcomes possible for local people. But this is against a backdrop of central government funding to councils being reduced by half over the next two years and local authorities face a funding gap that it is estimated will exceed £5 billion by 2020.

In order to prioritise and safeguard services for vulnerable people, other services – especially those which are non-statutory – must come under closer scrutiny and deliver cost savings, wherever possible.

Moving forwards we will do everything we can to maintain capacity for frontline services and target our limited resources more effectively on those services that make a real impact to those most in need in our diverse community.