Pre-budget consultation 2019-22: have your say

We are seeking your views on what you think our priorities should be and where you think we should be spending money. Your opinions matter, as they inform us and help with our decision-making processes.

Like many other councils up and down the country, we continue to face significant funding pressures set against growing demand for essential services, especially in children and families, adult social care and for our most vulnerable residents.

The local economy continues to grow with more houses being built and businesses being set up or relocating from outside the borough. However, we must continue to look at how we can make savings across the services provided and where spending should be prioritised. This might mean that some existing services will be reduced or delivered in a different way in the future.

The consultation runs until 14 December and will be considered by all council members at a full council meeting on 21 February 2019.

Have your say on our official budget page.