mental health

Early help support for mental health

Providing appropriate mental health ‘early help’ support services is an important part of what we do here at Cheshire East and supporting vulnerable young people, in the way that works best for them, is a key priority. 

But we also understand that providing that support means being able to talk to a range of people in sometimes a very different way. For example; how do you support your son/daughter when they’re going through a difficult time and finding it difficult to speak to you as a parent?

Having a mental health worry is a very personal thing and can present itself in a number of different ways. Our approach to providing key support is through our partnerships with expert providers. We know that we can’t always have all the answers immediately, so we look to signpost people to the expertise of others around us, who will help to ensure that no one should ever feel alone.

Our partners provide essential support to our work. Kooth is an online provider, which is on hand seven days a week to provide specialist, free, safe and anonymous support to children and young people. Visyon and Just Drop-In are two of our partner charities. Both charities empower young people to take the responsibility for their mental health positively into their own hands. 

The support is there for young people to access as and when they need it. So, if they want to have an online chat late at night, they can do that. Likewise, if they want to drop in and talk to someone they can also take that route.

We’ve also developed some of our own support networks, including the highly successful award-nominated ‘Emotionally Healthy Schools’ programme, which helps staff at schools to recognise signs of a young person potentially having a mental health concern.

Whatever a young person’s concerns might be, there will be support out there for them. As friends, family members or guardians, we all have a duty to let young people know where to go to get it. That first step could be the most crucial one they take.

For more information visit our Live Well pages.