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World Heritage status for borough’s iconic landmark

8 July 2019

Councillor Sam Corcoran, Leader of Cheshire East Council said: “I am thrilled that Unesco has designated Jodrell Bank as a World Heritage Site. The observatory, with its iconic Lovell Telescope, has for many years been a defining feature of the Cheshire East landscape and the site continues to attract scientists, students and many visitors to our borough to learn more about science and the cosmos. Cllr Sam Corcoran website 250 x 350

“Jodrell Bank, with its discovery centre, gardens and arboretum, is a unique part of Cheshire East’s strong tourism offer, part of a visitor economy already worth £921m. This recognition will put Cheshire East on the global tourism map.

“Jodrell has a unique heritage but it is also ideally positioned as part of Cheshire East’s strong science economy. In 2015, the council invested £1m as part of a support package to keep Jodrell Bank at the forefront of global scientific research by retaining the headquarters of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) observatory.

“We look forward to the new discoveries that Jodrell Bank and the SKA will bring and we will work to maximise the opportunities that this international recognition brings for Cheshire East, our science, technology and visitor economies, as well as education and learning in the borough.”