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Council service directory proving its worth

13 September 2018

A directory with information and advice pages designed to improve the uptake of Cheshire East Council’s services reaches its one year anniversary next week.

Live Well Cheshire East helps people to live well and for longer by providing clear information to enable residents to get the service support they need more quickly. It covers a wide range of public health, children, adult social care and community services.

Since launching last year, Live Well Cheshire East received an average of 12,000 page views a week to the 3,000 services it promotes. In the last 12 months Live Well has had nearly 125,000 visits.

As well as being a valuable asset to residents searching for services at home, Live Well is also well promoted through the council’s 15 connected communities centres – there will be 15 more by the end of the year – and electronic displays in GP surgeries.

Councillor Liz Wardlaw, Cheshire East Council cabinet member for health, said: “One of the key objectives of starting a bespoke directory on our website was to provide clear signposting through the stages of life. Whether you move home, become a parent, need information about schools or care for someone, Live Well is the one-stop shop for residents to access what they need.

“While, naturally, Live Well is a resource aimed primarily at supporting Cheshire East residents, the support it has provided for our staff has also been significant. 

“When residents have called in to request information, it has become far easier for them to guide people to where they need to get to. Not only that but, in turn, that reduces the impact on our customer service teams.”