Cheshire East seeks views on communications for residents

21 September 2022

Cheshire East Council is asking for feedback on its new draft communications strategy.

The document sets out a vision, aims and priorities for the council’s public communications with residents, including news and promotional campaigns.  

The council, in its corporate plan, has committed to ’promote the services of the council through regular communication and engagement with all residents’. Cllr Sam Corcoran

The council’s cross-party corporate policy committee agreed, at their meeting on 14 July 2022, that the draft document should go to public consultation, following the summer holidays, ahead of being considered for formal adoption and approval later this year. 

Councillor Sam Corcoran, leader of the council and chair of the corporate policy committee said: “Effective communications is very important. It is particularly important that residents understand what we do, how to access services and how to influence and get involved. 

“In our corporate plan, we have committed to listen, learn and respond to our residents – promoting opportunities for a two-way conversation. We will also promote and develop the services of the council through regular communications and engagement with all residents and ensure there is transparency in all aspects of council decision-making. 

“Our communications activity is a key part of delivering all these priorities and this strategy sets out how we plan to go about communicating with residents.

“We want our communications to be accessible, inclusive, relevant, interesting and value for money. 

“We are keen to hear from people representing the diverse communities across our borough. There are many factors that may affect how easy it is for people to get news and information about the council, including where they live, whether they can access the internet, English language skills and having the time and interest to invest in learning about what we do.

“Residents can help us get the balance right and we will also be seeking views from community groups, partners and other organisations to get as complete a picture as possible. Please do take the time to respond to the consultation and have your say in shaping how your council provides you with news and information about services, priorities, and policies.”

This draft strategy is the latest in a number of related strategies and policy documents that have been produced in support of the council’s vision of an ‘open, fairer and greener Cheshire East’, including the customer experience strategy and the digital strategy, both approved earlier this year.  

Visit the Cheshire East Council website to take part in the consultation

 and complete our simple survey questionnaire or, for alternative formats, phone 0300 123 5500.