Cheshire East Council publishes its response to HS2 consultation

21 January 2021

Cheshire East Council has published its response to HS2 Ltd’s latest consultation on changes to the phase 2b western leg design (Crewe to Manchester).

The Phase 2b Western Leg Design Refinements Consultation outlined the design modifications to deliver faster services, with the key proposals to the design north of Crewe being:

  • Inclusion of a north/south connection (Crewe Northern Connection) between Crewe and the HS2 line, which would enable more high-speed services to stop at Crewe and provide more connections from the borough; and
  • Modifications to the design of the Crewe North Rolling Stock Depot (which would be located just outside the borough boundary, in Cheshire West and Chester) to provide the required stabling and maintenance facilities for the network.

Cllr Craig Browne web 250 x 350Councillor Craig Browne, deputy leader of Cheshire East Council, said: “The council welcomes and supports the introduction of the Crewe Northern Connection rail junction into the proposed design for HS2.

“We see this as being an essential element in delivering our vision for the Crewe Hub Station.  

“We also welcome the employment opportunities that the rolling stock depot and maintenance facility will bring.

“However, we continue to seek to limit the disruption of the new railway line and we are actively seeking to secure the maximum level of mitigation from the scheme.

“We have therefore requested in our response to government that a revised HS2 Phase 2B Environmental Statement is produced to take into account the proposed design refinements, so that a full and comprehensive assessment of the impacts and mitigation required can be made.

“We have also reiterated our request that those in Cheshire East who are impacted by the scheme are kept regularly informed and engaged by HS2 to ensure their voices are heard and that they have a clear mechanism for raising any concerns.”

Before responding to government and HS2 Ltd, the council worked with the local community to understand the main concerns and establish the key features and benefits of the new designs and where they could be improved.

The council will now await government feedback on the consultation, as the scheme moves towards the deposit of the Phase 2b hybrid bill. 

HS2 Ltd has a 24-hour helpline (08081 434434) and email address for those who would like to ask any questions about the consultation or scheme in general.